Just a bit! "Scholes" revealed "Kewell" swept the ghost before moving to join the Swan Army

15 May

 Paul Scholes, former midfielder foot bombing of Manchester United's Harry Kewell is refusing to move to the residents of Old Tampa, FL Ford before turning to the agreement signed. With Liverpool An important rival in the Premier League, the Reds have captured the Australian wing, signing a £ 5 million 

contract in 2003 and being on the UEFA championship team. Champions League in Istanbul in 2005, including the FA Cup in 2006, before moving to

Galatasaray in 2008. Liverpool Echo quoted Scholes' interview saying that Kewell was once the target of Manchester United, but the players chose

to move to Anfield at a later time. "I remember there were 2-3 players will join the team at the time, I remember Harry Kewell as one of them, 

and you know that he is a top player. How great? " "He is a great player. I think he ended up refusing to move to play with us and choose Liverpool. 

But it is not a matter that bothers us a lot, "said the former Red Devils midfielder.   อ่านต่อได้ที่    ดูหนังออนไลน์HD  


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